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We’ve all seen it – those photos of gorgeous pre-loved handbags that look almost new at all angles. The interior lining is clean, the canvas is not wrinkled, the hardware is unscratched, the vachetta handles…wait is that a water mark?

Vachetta is a type of cowhide leather that is untreated. This means there’s absolutely no chemicals or preservatives that is shielding your baby from any potential disasters. This type of leather is especially susceptible to water or water based products, and when accidents do occur it leaves a permanent mark. So what can we purse-admirers do to prevent this little mishap from happening to the goodies we already own?

 For those with a brand new handbag, the best way to prevent spots from occurring is to let your handbag patina. Patina is a process where the leather darkens when exposed to oils and sunlight. In a sense, the natural oils in your hands will create a barrier around the leather. Allowing your handbag to patina can also mask some smaller existing water marks.

Another big no-no is wearing lotions and hand sanitizers! Many hand lotions are greasy and have water based formulas that will stain the vachetta. As for hand sanitizers, the alcohol can leave the untreated leather feeling dry and dull.

On the contrary, if you already have an extremely large water stain, or if you’ve now been smitten by a pre-loved purse but fear the pooling, there’s still a solution for you! Many luxury designers will offer services that replace the vachetta parts which can make them look practically brand new. The fee for these services and the amount you’re paying for this pre-loved baby can even total less than the retail price. A Pristine handbag at an inexpensive cost? Count us in!

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