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At Bag Religion, we aspire to provide the best for our clients. When you put your trust (and your fashion) in our hands, we’re able to stock our virtual shelves with a diverse range of beautiful luxury items.

The process is Simple

1. Contact Us

Tap the link to submit to us the products you'd wish to consign. Include photos, details, and your asking price. You name it, we'll try to match it!

2. Agree On A Price

We'll assess your designer piece based on value and desirability. Our team will carefully appraise and determine the most effective and successful resale price that'll benefit us both. Then, we'll email you back with our determined price quote. You can either reject or renegotiate the price, until we come up with a final price we'd both agree on.

3. We receive your item

Choose to drop your item off at our warehouse or ship it over to us.

4. Get Paid

The fun begins! We'll post your item on our site and market it via social. Once it gets sold, you'll be receiving an email notification and payment will be arranged.

Consignment is the backbone of Bag Religion. If you have time to wait and want the best possible value for your fashion piece, this is the way to go. You’ll trust us with advertising (and securely storing) your item, then we’ll work to get it into the right hands within 90 days. Once sold, we take a percent for our efforts, and ship the item to a happy home.

Selling a product directly to Bag Religion is the fastest route if you’d like to make a quick profit. Maybe you’re saving up for something special, doing a closet purge, or downsizing your space. We offer you a buyout price for your item, and if you accept, it’s a done deal. We offer one to two thirds of your item’s selling price.

Selling or Consigning

Selling or Consigning with Bag Religion means you can rest easy knowing you are getting your item’s best value with little effort. Our team can assess your designer piece based on value and desirability, then advertise it to a large network of fashion enthusiasts. We know each item’s value and are passionate about giving our clients a fair profit and an exceptional experience.

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Designer Bags, Clothes, & Jewelry

Bag Religion is only accepting pre-owned luxury bags at the moment. We make exceptions for designer clothes and jewelry, but have stopped taking in designer shoes.

Please contact us if you have any questions!

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Get a quick estimate using our quote calculator for how much you can expect to get for your item.

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