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How to protect and care for luxury handbags

Just like anything else luxury, handbags need special and particular care. It’s not just about protecting your investment, but also to ensure that special bag has a long, lustrous life.

In case you want to part ways with it one day, you can recoup close to its cost on the consignment market. You could even potentially make a lot more than what you originally spent, depending on the kind of handbag you may have. But none of this may work to your favour if your handbag looks like it’s been put through the wringer. Here are some quick and simple, yet undeniably important tips on how to take better care of our designer bags.


1. Maintain its shape

Maintaining the shape of your handbag is important. Loss of shape will cause your handbag to prematurely look aged. You can achieve this by stuffing your bag with acid free tissue. Paper contain acid, can cause a chemical reaction that can stain and damage the interior of your bag.  Short on storage space? You can even stuff a rolled sweater in your handbag to keep its shape. We recommend using a bag organizer that can also function as a handbag shaper.


2. Store it correctly

Always store your handbag in its dust bag or original box. You should use the one that came with your purchase. If you don't have one, you can store it in a 100% cotton pillow case. This will allow your handbag to breath nicely. If you need to obtain a new box for your bag, make sure it is made out acid-free material. Never use a plastic bag for storing, as this will dry out the leather, or could potentially damage the leather if it gets too hot.


3. Take care of its interior

Organize your bags with a bag insert. Bag inserts not only help shape your bag, but they can protect the interior of your bag from accidental spills, while keeping your necessities neat and organized. You should keep a water-proof clutch inside your bigger bags, for transporting liquids to prevent spilling onto the interior lining of your bag. 


4. Keep it colourful

You should always keep your bags away from direct sunlight, especially colourful ones. Always store them in a dark, dry place, where there is minimal moisture. Direct sunlight will fade the colour of your bag if exposed for long stretches of time. Also, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to invest in a dehumidifier, even if it’s a small one that you can have in your walk in closet during those hot and humid summer months. Not only will it be beneficial in the maintenance of your leathers health, it’ll keep away any musty odours as well.


5. Think long term

Maintaining your beloved bags becomes even more important if you want to consider reselling them at one point. Original boxes, tags, authenticity cards and receipts; keep all of these items together if you want to get the best resale value. If your bag has a should strap, make sure you keep it in the bag when not in use, rolled into a 100% cotton bag if possible to keep it from contact with the interior lining. This will also keep you from misplacing the strap. Keeping your bag in the most pristine of conditions will only increase its value in the long run.


So there you have it: 5 tips on how to protect your investment. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you want to continue growing your collection, or you have consignment in mind. Taking care of your bags is important because it speaks volumes of you as a trendsetter, and because it’ll always guarantee a fresh and stylish look. Sure, there are many other tips and tidbits that can be added to this list, which will help you in maintaining a forever young looking bag. We want to hear from you and welcome you to share your tips with us and the community.

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