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As the luxury market continues to embrace technology in the 21st century, many designer brands have introduced new and innovative methods to protect the integrity of their products.

In April 2021, Chanel launched a new method of authenticating and recording the lifespan of its handbags and wallet on chains. The existing hologram serial stickers and authentication cards (read all about them here) were digitally embedded with microchips.

As a result, some bags (excluding certain smaller bags and belt bags) from, and succeeding, the 21A collection will be microchipped.


Chanel Microchip NFT Blockchain

The new Chanel Microchip 

The Chanel microchip system replaces the serial sticker with a small rectangular metal plate (about 1.2" wide). For bags, the metal plate is attached to the handbag's interior, whereas for Wallet on Chains, the metal plate can be found inside the zip pocket.

The metal plate hardware matches the rest of the bag's hardware and features the classic CC logo engraved with an 8-digit serial code underneath. However, unlike Chanel's previous serial number system, the new serial number does not reveal the production year.

The microchip that stores all the authentication data on the bag is embedded inside this metal plate—using NFC (near-field communication) and blockchain technology, the microchip stores data that is virtually impossible to edit or alter once on record. Information coded into the chip includes where the bag was manufactured and the components used in making the bag. The scannable chip also verifies other details about the bag's life cycle – from creation to distribution, purchase, and repairs.

In addition, only specific devices can scan and decode the data stored in the microchip. For example, only Chanel sales associates and managers at the boutiques have the proprietary machines to scan the microchip data, enabling a super-secure transaction.

Benefits of the Chanel Microchip 

  • Authentication cards and serial numbers can be easily forged and counterfeited. Microchips provide a more secure way of authenticating Chanel's items; they are also impossible to reproduce. It will be easier to distinguish an authentic bag from a "superfake," granting you more peace of mind that your bag is genuine!

  • Chanel's previous serial stickers and authenticity cards may fade or wear off over time; these two essential proofs of authenticity may cause authentic bags to depreciate in the resale market. Now that bags are digitally embedded, one would no longer have to worry about misplacing or damaging their authentication proofs.


Cons of the Chanel Microchip

  • Many Chanel fans may find that the addition of the small rectangular metal plate gives way to a bulkier design that affects the aesthetic of the handbag itself, and many are not keen on the shape and size of the metal plate.

  • In addition, complaints are that the bulky metal plate may also scratch the handbag's leather. However, on the other hand, some also feel that the new gold-toned plaque is a classy touch that adds heightened elegance to their Chanel bags.


The microchipped Chanel bags help to provide an additional level of security against forgeries. Be it a microchip or hologram sticker; many checkpoints exist in authenticating any Chanel bag.

What are your thoughts on Chanel's new microchip authentication and recording system? Do you miss the holographic stickers and authentication card?



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