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Bag Religion’s Holiday Gift Guide

Bag Religion’s Holiday Gift Guide

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The perfect Christmas gift

Is it just us, or do we hear sleigh bells ringing? The Christmas season has officially arrived and many of us may be searching for the best gifts for the special people in our lives. Whether it’s your mother, sister, best friend, or that special someone, we’ve got you covered with our selection of unique and treasured designer handbags that are sure to make unforgettable presents. 


Below, we’ve curated a list of gifts for every special person you’re planning on shopping for. Scroll on down for the handbags that are sure to make the holidays unforgettable. 


For: Mother Dearest

For the mother who has always been there for you through life's toughest times, gift her the gift of luxury this holidays. From big ticket items like Chanel's Classic Flaps that you can go in on with your siblings to affordable finds for those with a budget, show mom just how much you care with these gorgeous handbags.



For: The BFF you can’t live without

A ride or die bestie can be hard to find – and they deserve something just as special and unique as they are. Spoil them silly this Christmas and shower them with the love and attention they deserve with these rare and whimsical finds.



For: The sister who just “gets” you

From sharing secrets to clothes, your sister knows you inside and out. For all that they've done for you, they deserve a truly special gift. Get them something you know they would love and use on the daily, like the trendy Saint Laurent Loulou bag, or a rare Chanel Boy bag in a unique colour.



For: The love of your life

No matter what stage of a relationship you may be in, it's undeniable that your partner deserves to be pampered with something thoughtful this Christmas. Show them how much you care with these practical gifts, like a Burberry backpack they can bring to work.



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