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Founder Guccio Gucci created his brand in 1921. Now one of the biggest Italian brands out there, it should be no surprise that there are replicas floating about, looking for a piece in this huge market!

One of the most notable political celebrities that wore Gucci was President John F Kennedy’s wife Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Seen as a fashion icon of her time, Jacqueline’s influence was so great that they eventually renamed one of her favourite Gucci handbag’s the Jacqueline Original or Jackie-O. Most likely adored by this First Lady because of the top notch quality behind this designer label, Gucci’s superiority in craftsmanship is simply something that cannot be replicated.


On Gucci handbags, zippers can be made of both metals and plastic. Each piece of hardware on the bag may be etched with the Gucci logo. The hardware is designed to be high in quality and should not be broken easily.

1-photo of metal handle loops 

1-photo of lock hinge


On the recognizable Gucci double GG pattern design, the left G faces in the correct direction, whereas the right G is often upside down and facing the opposite direction. This pattern should remain consistent throughout the handbag. On the double GG canvas handbags, the design should be perfect so that each GG is straight and crisp. There should not be any irregularity in their patterns (such as one section of the handbag’s GGs are shorter or thinner). For the leather Gucci handbags with the double GG design, the pattern should be embossed into the leather and not printed on top of the leather itself.

2-Picture of embossed GG pattern

2-Picture of canvas GG pattern


The stitches on Authentic Gucci handbags should remain consistent in size regardless of whether or not they are connected by the same thread. Each section should have the same stitching size.

3-Picture of stitching in two parallel rows

Thread color:

The thread color on Gucci handbags typically matches the same color as the rest of the piece.

4-Picture of Thread color bag 1

4-Picture of thread color bag 2

“Made in” Stamps:

In the interior Gucci handbag, a label stating ‘made in Italy’, along with a trade mark symbol is often hot pressed on a tag. The tag should match the rest of the leather lining featured in the handbag. For the GUCCI logo on the tag, the letter ‘U’ should be thicker on the left side is thicker than the right side of the letter. This stamp should absolutely be in a straight line.

5-Picture of made in Italy stamp

Tags/Serial numbers:

On the reverse side of the origin stamped tag is normally serial numbers, which are most commonly stated in two sequences of numbers. The serial numbers are 10-13 numbers in total. These numbers should be printed clearly in a straight line.

6-Pictures of Serial number 1

6-Picture of serial number 2

6-Picture serial number 3

Dust bags:

Several dust bag versions have been developed by Gucci over the number of years. Two of the common ones in today’s pre-loved handbag market are both drawstring styled dust bags.

The first should have a tag inside stating ‘GUCCI’ ‘made in Italy ’ and ‘63% vl 37% pl’. The fabric that makes up the dark brown color exterior of the dust bag should have slight sheen to it. On top, the dust bag should be printed with the double GG logo.

7-Picture of dust bag 1

7-Picture of dust bag inside

The second version is a solid brown, with GUCCI printed on the front in gold font. The tag inside this dust bag should state ‘Gucci’ ‘made in Italy’ and ‘100% cotton’.

7-Picture of dust bag 2

Gucci Controllato Card:

Controllato is the Italian word for ‘checked’, and these cards most likely serve that exact purpose. Not exactly ‘a make or break’ for authenticating Gucci handbags, these cards are more designed for quality control and manufacturing purposes. However, they can still be used for additional inspection, like checking the font style and word placement on the card itself. Normally white and medium grey in color, the logo GUCCI should be in the centre of the card in the grey section. In the white section of the card, it should state ‘controllato’ followed by the numbers ‘1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0’.

8-Picture of Controllato card

Additional Accessories:

Gucci handbags may come with a information booklet. They are usually white in colour with GUCCI printed in silver font in the centre. To ensure that these information booklets are real, the font must be analyzed.

9-Picture of Care booklet

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